Chiropractic Care Services: Benefits and Safety

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Benefits and Safety of Chiropractic Care

Over the past few years, chiropractic care has grown to be one of the most widely used alternative medical therapies for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Patients use this medical service for a variety of reasons, including its affordability. Because chiropractic treatments rely on spinal manipulation and adjustments, prescription drug costs are significantly reduced because chiropractors do not prescribe such drugs.


Are Chiropractors Truly Doctors?

Chiropractic doctors undergo extensive training to earn this title, just like medical doctors. In order to practice and carry out the duties of a chiropractic doctor in the United States, chiropractors must possess a license. Through it all, patients must be aware that chiropractic is based on scientific theories that have been shown to be effective in treating and healing neuromusculoskeletal diseases.


How Safe is Spinal Manipulation?

Chiropractic care involves extensive training and education for chiropractors in physiology and anatomy, so spinal manipulation is typically safe. Keeping in mind that only a practitioner with extensive training and education is permitted to perform spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation was identified as one of the many possible treatments for lower back pain in 2007 by doctors and the American Pain Society. The correct spinal manipulation technique is also essential to the overall safety of this type of treatment for chronic neck and back pain.


Are All Chiropractic Clinics Licensed and Regulated?

In the United States, all chiropractors must be licensed before treating patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders. The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards requested and implemented in 1996 that all chiropractors pass a test validating their knowledge of chiropractic technique, case management, and X-ray interpretation. As a result, only licensed chiropractors who have passed these tests are permitted to practice chiropractic as a profession. This law fully binds all chiropractic offices doing business in the US to abide by it. Given this, it is safe to assume that all chiropractic clinics in the US are subject to regulation and that all of their chiropractic doctors are required to hold valid licenses.


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